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We Have Hundreds of Varieties of Tropical Exotic Hibiscus Stocking 1000’s, Ready for SALE, The Best from Around the World!

PLEASE NOTE: Photos of the Hibiscus plant being held are a “GUIDE ONLY” to the approximate dimensions / size being offered, not the actual plant for sale. Also the photos of the bush are also a guide to its final mature plant dimensions and bush form.

All Hibiscus from $16.

hibiscus australia
  • On offer are select Hibiscus cultured in a 6″ (140mm) pot ready to pot up or plant out.
  • All plants are accurately picture labelled with free comprehensive “how to care” cultural notes.
  • Cultured in a soil less, disease free media and is approximately 300mm to 700 mm in height.
  • Strong, healthy and liquid fed prior to dispatch.
  • Sun hardened ready to plant out into the garden or pot up
  • The Hibiscus on offer maybe grafted or cutting grown all depends on the cultivars natural vigour.
  • The blooms on display are associated with the actual cultivar being offered for sale.
  • Be aware that due to differing screens the colours may vary slightly from the normal cultivar colours.
  • We strive to depict as accurate as possible in the photographs the colour and tones that faithfully reflects the cultivars displayed.
hibiscus plant