Hibiscus Care

How to Care for your Hibiscus

With today’s Hibiscus breeding, aiming for larger & varied colour combinations the  growing vigor of some new Cultivars have been compromised & some are released so quickly to Hibiscus fanciers throughout the world that the modern bred Cultivars haven’t been given the opportunity to prove their hardiness.

And for this reason, We have decided to graft SOME of them onto proven hardy root stock to ensure their greater resistance to disease & guarantee a more robust plant for you. These plants will in turn then produce the Highest quality & quantity blooms on a more vigorous plant.

Every effort is taken to remove buds from the understock of grafted plants. Occasionally some slip through & begin to appear in the future. If you notice any vigorously growing shoots from the base of the plant of which has totally different leaves & blooms from what was originally purchased please remove them with a sharp knife cutting as close to the main trunk as possible, this will usually take care of the problem. If this is not done, the understock will quickly over take the growth of the desired plant, which you initially selected.

hibiscus choice


Choose a Hibiscus to suit the position.

If a tall plant is required, or a low one, choose from in the desired height range, too often we see a huge Hibiscus adjacent to a gate or in front of a window, or a low one in a hedge for privacy or wind break.It is possible to obtain a Hibiscus plant tailor made to your requirements. Ask us for further information.Growth characteristics of Hibiscus vary greatly. They range from low recumbent bushes suitable for container culture to trees in excess of 6 meters (20 Feet) ideal for windbreaks & privacy.Flowers can be single to double & come in an array of outstanding colour