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Christopher has been culturing Hibiscus for more than 40 years.

He is a fully qualified Horticulturalist Diploma of Applied Science and has a passion for the tropical queen of the flowers, Hibiscus. The first Hibiscus grown was a house warming gift in 1973. At that time working as a nurseryman, he ventured out with his wife Patricia (she has a flower named after her) to open their own retail nursery business in Victoria, Australia. This quickly followed with second nursery specialising in Hibiscus for the wholesale trade. Many thousands of these plants were cultured and marketed through the retail nursery shops, florist and the chain stores.

In 1985, a visit to Tropical Queensland to attend the Australian Hibiscus Society convention as an invited guest speaker, Christopher fell in love with the warm tropical climate, ideal for growing Hibiscus.

Chris said,

“It was like, Hibiscus heaven…”

Soon after Chris and Patricia sold up both nurseries in Victoria and permanently migrated with family in tow, up north to sunny Queensland near the sunshine coast where the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next.

Truly Hibiscus heaven.

Purchasing acreage, in no time Christopher and Patricia established Hibiscus World, wholesale and was followed with a second nursery Hibiscus world retail. The pair have one of the most extensive ranges of Hibiscus varieties available and magnificent display gardens on their acreage, clearly named cultivars in rows for a casual garden stroll admiring the vast array of rainbow colours available.

Christopher is well known internationally  for his expertise in Hibiscus culture and is sourced for publications world wide and local garden clubs and shows, where he delights in having a Hibiscus chat.

Being computer savvy Christopher and Patricia knew that an internet web presence is perfectly natural to reach out to more Hibiscus lovers where they can share beautiful digitised Hibiscus bloom photographs and their new release Hibiscus beauties.

President of the Australian Hibiscus Society,
Brian Cheers

Mission Statement

We strive to produce the highest quality Hibiscus and service with ongoing improvements.
Utilizing the State Of The Art, Horticultural, Business and Marketing Techniques Available.

Hibiscus are our pride and joy, if you have any queries please feel free to contact us, for we are be more than pleased to be able to assist you.

Hibiscus World is very keen to listen and assist with your horticultural and other concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

The many photographs depicted in this collection represent the “The Cream Of The Crop” and are only a mere sample of the thousands grown by Hibiscus World.
We are continually importing hibiscus from around the world, evaluating and adding new varieties from Hibiscus breeders/hybridizers to our collection.

hibiscus world