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Introduction to Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus, queen of the flowers and the tropics. They add a tropical Hibiscus Paradise to your garden, being salt tolerant, coastal and pool plantings in full sun and part shade make them very much at home. Hibiscus are such a versatile plant, they have been in cultivation for thousands of years. In the past, Hibiscus have been used for rope manufacturing (hemp), medicines, tonics and food dyes Modern times Hibiscus are popular as beverages such as Hibiscus punch, Hibiscus tea and even jam making (Rosella jam). The range of bright colours and patterns is vast. Colours not present are Black and Blue. Hibiscus are represented in dinner plate singles and miniatures with doubles too. Cultivated the world over, especially in the warmer frost free zones. Areas subject to freezing in Winter, Hibiscus are cultured in containers outside during Summers and moved to areas protected from freezing temperature (These passionate Hibiscus lovers are lovingly called “Pot Shufflers”).

Many Hibiscus in Europe are grown in small pots for indoor window sill placement to add a touch of Tropical colour to a cold outdoor Winter. The Hibiscus root system is non-invasive, in fact rather gentle, therefore can be permanently cultured in containers and planted adjacent to walls, drive ways, foundations and underground pipes without risk of damage to them. Their ideal temperature range is 21c to 27c but will tolerate above freezing and highs of 45c. Freezing will destroy plant cells and are unable to recover affected parts. Above 40c is very stressful and flowers will burn and or drop off (abscise). It is fair to say that their comfort zone is similar to ourselves and our household pets.For more cultural information visit my hibiscus world web Library / Hibiscus Care.
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