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We Have Hundreds of Varieties of Tropical Exotic Hibiscus Stocking 1000’s, Ready for SALE, The Best from Around the World!

PLEASE NOTE: Photos of the hibiscus plant being held are a “GUIDE ONLY” to the approximate dimensions / size being offered, not the actual plant for sale. Also the photos of the bush are also a guide to its final mature plant dimensions and bush form.

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  • All Hibiscus are $20.00  each which includes free packaging and Australia express postal .

  • Payment is via Paypal only (the most secure financial transaction system available

  • On offer are select hibiscus cultured in a 2″ or 4″ approximately (50mm or 90mm) pot / tube  ready to pot or plant out.
  • Usually we prefer to send potted, if there is a mailing weight excess to the limit it may be loose rooted to reduce the weight to the maximum allowable weight of the express postage.
  • All plants are carefully packaged and placed securely into a firm cardboard box to protect them in transit and to see them on their safe express journey.
  • Accurately picture labelled with free comprehensive “how to care” cultural notes.
  • Cultured in a soil less, disease free media and is approximately 125 mm to 200 mm in height.
  • Strong, healthy and liquid fed prior to dispatch.
  • Sun hardened ready to plant out into the garden or pot up.

The hibiscus on offer maybe grafted or cutting grown all depends on the cultivars natural vigour.

All orders are prepared and posted on Mondays only to avoid weekend hold overs at the post office.

Where there are public holidays and weekends that may delay delivery time, at my option, i will hold over until all delays are cleared for express delivery.

The blooms on display are associated with the actual cultivar being offered for sale.

Be aware that due to differing screens the colours may vary slightly from the normal cultivar colours.
We strive to depict as accurate as possible in the photographs the colour and tones that faithfully reflects the cultivars displayed.

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